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Odine (BIST:ODINE) is a global telecoms partner empowering sustainable network transformation, building resilient and software-defined networks of the future.

We are a leading communication solution company that enables global telecoms companies to evolve with a sustainable approach. With market-leading technology, holistic solutions, and collaborative partnership, we will support you to reinvent your value creation formula.

Together we will build the sustainable networks of the future.

Our Approach

Our sustainable methodology enables forward-thinking Tier 1 telecoms companies to seize untapped growth and transform their networks. We integrate financial, infrastructural, and environmental considerations to create strategies that provide sustainable growth for all.

  • Financial

    Removing inefficiencies to maximize margins and save millions.

  • Infrastructural

    Creating operational and service models that can evolve and scale.

  • Environmental

    Improving operations and delivery for the benefit of planet and people.

  • Services

    A suite of telecoms services based on sector excellence, technical expertise, and a diverse experience.

  • Solutions

    Advanced solutions designed to evolve your business models and create efficiencies across voice.

  • Technologies

    Leading communication technology and expertise with an ongoing partnership approach.


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We are the embodiment of your organization’s systems integration arm – fully dedicated to your success and strengthening your proposition. By ensuring each component part of your transformation is integrated, connected and elevated, we can ensure that our global partners are supported to accelerate success.

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For any organization with the goal of virtualization or adopting software-defined networks, containerization will support a scalable and agile environment. Conducive to lightweight and automated functions, these will be fundamental for implementing next-generation technologies and efficient applications.


Free yourself from redundant legacy hardware and embrace the flexibility you need to adapt, scale, and evolve your services with ease. Through virtualization, you can not only adopt quicker – but telcos can automate to improve process efficiency, margins and resource allocation.

Virtualization as a Service

Compete with hyperscalers by evolving into a valuable service provider with edge. Harness both ultra reliable low-latency, alongside non-mission critical, capabilities to assure the future of edge applications and investment.


Disaggregated Networks

Today’s networks need open architectures to keep pace with new innovations, network capacities and bandwidth increase. It will empower disaggregation of the network plus flexible deployment of applications – enabling telcos to meet more versatile and agile market demands.


Disaggregation enables telcos to virtualize software from traditionally connected hardware, making it easier to select quality solutions and evolve with the landscape around them. As more organizations lead the way in these innovations, telcos should use disaggregation to scale and seize new opportunities.

Disaggregated IP Networks

Software Defined Networks

Build a completely unified and virtualized edge environment with SEBA technology. Telcos will have greater flexibility and choice when it comes to their network components with a SEBA architecture, giving them the power to optimize solutions and services.


Adapt to a cloud-based world and transform your service model with SD-WAN. Simplify traditionally complex management and overcome unpredictable and unreliable application performance.


Management & Orchestration

As telecoms infrastructure moves into the cloud and software-defined spaces, these deployments will require combined orchestration and automation to enable communication, break down manual processes and silos, and propel the leap to new capabilities.

Service Orchestration

Orchestration and controllers are essential tools for coordinating and deploying all the elements of SDN. These are the keys that enable telcos to bring their future technology environment together and enable seamless performance for your cloud-based infrastructure.

SDN Controllers & Orchestration

Network virtualization and software-defined networking implementations depend on functional and trustworthy management, orchestration and performance monitoring solutions in order to take full advantage of the benefits they offer.

NFV Orchestrator

Voice Solutions

Maximize your voice offerings with global real-time business visibility and performance.


Tap into our end-to-end portfolio of cloud-based voice offerings to help you reimagine your international wholesale voice business.

Nebula™ & Nebula+™

As network technologies evolve, telcos must ensure their fraud protection and management processes are robust, up-to-date, and reliable.


Centralized routing servers are a valuable resource as carrier interconnects grow and voice margins are challenged.



From enterprise applications to smart cities to industrial automation, private networks hold untapped potential for deploying 5G, low-latency connectivity. Leveraging your own 5G private network will allow you to gain greater control over your value proposition and increase your agility to scale.

Private Networks

Connect the last mile with reliable and high-speed connections, delivered cost-effectively and at low latency. Telcos can truly fulfil their customers’ increasing demands with wider and closer FWA deployments, complementing existing fixed line solutions.


O-RAN gives telcos the much-needed flexibility to implement 5G. This open architecture will allow them to select their own vendor, change vendors, or adjust solutions – and give them the capacity to develop in the future.


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