FWA for premium connectivity, everywhere

Connect the last mile with reliable and high-speed connections, delivered cost effectively and at low latency. Telcos can truly fulfil their customers’ increasing demands with wider and closer fixed wireless access deployments, complementing existing fixed line solutions.

  • Flexible deployments
  • Optimize network efficiency
  • Fast connections
  • Lower costs
  • Meet customer demands
  • Expand your digital infrastructure
  • Low-latency use cases

Fixed wireless access solutions

Odine will empower you to deploy your 5G and FWA networks with synergy and support compelling service opportunities. Working with us as your partner, you can better monetize 5G FWA because of our holistic, collaborative, and unified approach.

Partnering with…

Seamless integration

Let Odine connect your FWA networks with your surrounding ecosystem for more reliable service.

Bridging the digital divide

Bring more best-of-breed services to your customers with our agnostic systems integration expertise.

Resource management

We’ll save you CAPEX, OPEX and manage your traffic efficiently with leading technology, such as MIMO, and software.

Build new services

Integrating your entire infrastructure, Odine enables you to open new services at reduced time to market.

“As millions continue to wait for reliable home broadband, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is an efficient and scalable alternative to wired connections”

– Ericsson

Deliver at high speed
with fixed wireless access

Get in touch to discuss our fixed wireless access solutions and services, and where Odine can add value to your network transformation.