Improve SDN efficiency, management and performance

Orchestration and controllers are essential tools for coordinating and deploying all the elements of SDN. These are the keys that enable telcos to bring their future technology environment together and harness seamless performance for your cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Fulfil changing traffic requirements
  • Gain greater network visibility
  • Create resilience
  • Manage distributed workloads
  • Scale your services
  • Automate and reduce inefficiencies
  • Unlock low-latency use cases

Orchestration and SDN controller solutions

Odine simplifies the challenges of implementing SDN with connected orchestration, automation and controller applications. Our holistic approach optimizes your resource allocation, diversifies your service offerings, and unlocks new revenue opportunities.

Fully connected

We’ll curate a fully connected and softwarized environment with white box hardware to lower costs significantly.

Transform OPEX

Our approach maximizes agility and reduces complexities in technology and delivery.

Automation at scale

Automated workflows enable the configuration and deployment of new services, as well as expansion or reduction at scale, when you need it.

Best-of-breed monitoring

Odine manages the monitoring and maintenance of your networks, alongside the best tools to support.

Coordinated infrastructures

We have the expertise to unify all the security, orchestration, SDN controllers, automation and other performance enhancing tools under one umbrella.

“With orchestration, this represents a truly software-defined solution which can be managed remotely, will allow telcos to easily adapt to new services, and will save resources”

Build more resilience for your SDN

Get in touch to discuss our SDN controller and orchestration solutions and services, and where Odine can add value to your network transformation.