Optimize the provision
of dynamic services

Software-defined spaces will require combined telecoms service orchestration and automation to enable communication, break down manual processes and silos, and propel the leap to new capabilities. This will enable valuable revenue growth and quality assurance: with a more dynamic service position, telcos can reduce complexity and, as a result, explore new use cases or microservices.

  • Dynamic provisioning
  • Secure revenue
  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce dependency on hardware
  • Enhance customer service
  • Reduce emissions
  • Maximize service value
  • Remove technical burden

Telecoms service orchestration

Leveraging advanced analytics, AI and automation technologies, Odine supports you to reinvent your service model as the network evolves. We identify where you can cut out inefficiencies in a wide range of use cases, from data centers to cloud networks. By maximizing the value of existing services, you can focus on dynamically generating new solutions.

Orchestration of services

Odine orchestrates automation throughout your network to enable agile resource management, virtually and physically.

Agnostic approach

Odine can orchestrate across multiple domains, vendors, and layers.

Remove manual intervention

Automate and unify your time-consuming manual tasks to alleviate resource burdens and establish repeatable operations.

Service management

Odine offers complete service management through one point of contact and reduces your vendor count.

Integration, consolidation, communication

Odine simplifies the network architecture and functions to improve efficiency, efficacy, and communication within your open networks.

Cut costs, time, and manual intervention

Get in touch to discuss our service orchestration solutions and services, and where Odine can add value to your network transformation.