Deliver trusted and protected
data with voice fraud management

Securing personal, customer, and operational data is imperative, especially as organizations digitize and virtualize their environment. Not only is it essential for building trust, but it also protects organizations from financially harmful breaches, loss and disputes. As network technologies evolve, telcos must ensure their voice fraud management processes are robust, up-to-date, and reliable.

  • Minimize financial risk
  • Reduce breaches
  • Proactive security
  • Minimize vulnerabilities
  • Gain visibility

Odine’s Fraud Management Solutions

Odine manages your network with fraud detection, data assurance, and continuous testing to ensure you are taking a proactive stance against potential fraud incidents. Not only do we consistently take cybersecurity protocols into account, we offer complete voice fraud management and detection to support you to build trusted and flexible solutions.

Next-gen fraud detection

Gatekeeper, Odine’s fraud management solution, blocks any kind of interconnect bypass frauds for telecoms companies, at any time.

Dynamic testing

The solution uses active and real subscriber databases to support a uniquely dynamic testing methodology.

Flexible plans

Operators can change their test plans in real time, as Gatekeeper allows you to generate test calls through IP networks.

Maximize test call generation

Using a large network of new IP based call origination products and traditional calling, we will maximize your call generation capabilities.

Detect OTT bypass

Our fraud management solution covers any type of interconnect fraud ensuring we will detect every OTT bypass that may occur.

Gain greater agility and oversight over fraud risks

Get in touch to discuss our fraud management solutions and services, and where Odine can add value to your network transformation.