• Sustainable Environment with Odine

    14th November 2023

    Sustainable Environment with Odine

    Sustainability stands as a pivotal focal point within the telecommunications industry, influencing financial models and operational frameworks alike. Central to this ethos is the overarching aim of fostering a positive impact on our planet. Odine...

  • Sustainable Infrastructure with Odine

    3rd November 2023

    Sustainable Infrastructure with Odine

    Odine delivers software-defined and cloud-first solutions that will build more sustainable infrastructures for telcos. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is underpinned by our collaborative approach, wherein we collaborate closely with our clients to implement...

  • Sustainable finance with Odine

    28th July 2023

    Sustainable finance with Odine

    Investing in legacy infrastructure poses significant challenges to the long-term sustainability of telecommunications companies. To ensure financial sustainability, telcos must pivot their strategic focus towards cutting-edge technologies and future-proofed infrastructures. Swift adoption of these advancements...

  • Odine’s sustainability actions

    1st June 2023

    Odine’s sustainability actions

    Transparency is deeply rooted in our values, guiding how we operate, communicate, and establish partnerships. With this commitment in mind, we are sharing our own sustainability actions. Discover more in this short PDF, or get...