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Compete with hyperscalers by evolving into a valuable service provider with edge. Harness both ultra-reliable low-latency, alongside non-mission-critical, capabilities to assure the future of edge applications and investment.

  • Accelerate edge ROI
  • Edge-enable use cases
  • Target investment
  • Scalability
  • Private networks
  • Real-time environment
  • Improve customer experience

Odine’s Edge Services

Odine’s approach to edge simplifies your networks, allowing telcos to generate greater value from edge and accelerate time to ROI. We can give telcos the capabilities to adopt service-based architectures and evolve their technologies and offering.

Systems integration

Odine solves key considerations, from security to bandwidth to core systems integration, to make edge a reality.

Multi-access edge

We can strategize the simplicity of your edge nodes and network infrastructure, to benefit infrastructure and computing.

White-box solutions

Odine combines developing functions and empowers multi-function technologies to support customer demands.


We can use AI-Ops and algorithms to create maximum efficiency in operations, resource allocation and compute power.

Edge efficiency

Using predictive analytics, we dynamically allocate resource for low-latency and serverless applications.

Complementary approaches

Along with virtualization, disaggregation, orchestration and more, we can integrate and manage all your edge applications.

“Our concept of a multi-access edge ecosystem would drive the simplification of the network and generate the value from edge.”

Bring the reality of edge closer

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