Advance voice management with a centralized routing server

Centralized routing servers are a valuable resource as carrier interconnects grow and voice margins are challenged. An efficient management tool will allow telcos to simplify network operations by centralizing key routing control. Benefitting from significant savings in OPEX and CAPEX as a result, organizations can more easily adapt to increasing call demand.

  • Reduce OPEX
  • Reduce CAPEX
  • Minimize issues
  • Simplify the network
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Scalable infrastructure

Odine’s Centralized Routing Server Solution

Pathfinder is Odine’s high-performance telco grade Centralized Routing Server (CRS), designed to overcome route management issues in multi-vendor, multi-node, and multi-site packet voice networks. We enable you to transform existing infrastructures to support higher call volumes, more complex routing, and an ever-growing number of carrier interconnects. Plus, Odine Pathfinder accommodates an extensive list of routing policies, such as OBR and DSS.

Integrated with Orion

CRS provides “Per Customer/Trunk” & “Per Destination/Prefix” level routing capabilities.


Codes and other features of Pathfinder are configurable and can be consistently improved.


Odine’s solution offers high availability and performance and makes call-flows faster, simpler, and more durable.

External integrations

Users can integrate other peripheral systems with Pathfinder to meet customer needs.


Add “edge” route servers to the cluster to scale horizontally into the tens of thousands of CAPS.

Smart capabilities

From FlashCall monetization to route loop prevention, Pathfinder’s smart capabilities support advanced routing.

High performance

Overcome Switch/SBC limitations supported routes and different types of routing, such as percentage based.

Flexible deployment

Odine’s CRS can be deployed as a virtualized solution on-prem, in the private or public cloud, and configured to a wide variety of network structures.

Scale, optimize and monetize voice operations

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