Sustainable Telecoms Transformation

We enable global telecoms providers to seize untapped growth and respond to rapidly changing environments. Our unique approach empowers sustainable transformation for finance, infrastructure and environment for tier 1s.

Our sustainable
approach to telecoms

To us, sustainable telecoms means creating better processes, better practices, and longer lasting value. Its’s about pushing the boundaries of what we believe is good; continually working to create a better tomorrow.

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Our sustainable transformation approach enables telcos to seize transformation opportunities in a timely manner, without poorly impacting the world around us. It integrates long-term business viability with sustainable growth strategies – for social, economic, and planetary benefit.

In conclusion, we are decoupling business success from environmental impact.

Sustainable Finance

A sustainable approach builds future-proofed business models that last longer, without causing negative impact. We work to improve profitability, remove inefficiencies and recycle and adapt to modernize across the network.

  • Cutting costs
  • Maximizing margins
  • Sustaining revenue
  • New growth opportunities
  • Cost of living strategies
  • Energy price considerations
  • Trickle down customer costs

Sustainable Infrastructure

Odine ensures the operational and service models of the business are efficient, future-proofed and adaptable – for the benefit of customer and telco. This includes working with partners and suppliers to collectively improve our approach and reduce our impact.

  • Sustainable supply management
  • Operational sustainability
  • Reduce footprint and impact
  • Service evolution
  • Product sustainability
  • Scalable infrastructures and networks

Sustainable Environment

A driving force of our solutions is to present our partners with better choices for people and planet. Sustainable transformation helps organizations reduce their emissions, consumption and footprint across their operations.

  • Server virtualization
  • Data center consolidation
  • Co-location of data centers
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Optimize energy use
  • New communication methods
  • Accelerating Net Zero and ESG

Odine’s Sustainability Impact

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through energy and water rationing and emissions and waste management strategies in our offices.

  • Social

    We aim to be the best place to work for our employees, providing opportunities for learning and development, embracing diversity and inclusion, and assuring a safe and healthy working environment.

  • Infrastructure

    We work with a vendor agnostic and leading partner ecosystem to reduce our collective environmental footprint.

  • Product

    Our solutions deliver superior, long-term value to our customers while acting responsibly towards our planet and society.

  • IT

    Through virtualization, data center consolidation, cloudification and location consolidation, we are moving towards a greener approach.

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