Be the answer to tomorrow’s user requirements

Build a completely unified and virtualized edge environment with software-enabled broadband access (SEBA) technology. Telcos will have greater flexibility and choice when it comes to their network components with a SEBA architecture, giving them the power to optimize solutions and services. SEBA can be a catalyst for virtualized technologies with the ability to push their development and convergence, including edge, access networks and fixed and mobile access.

  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Easily adapt and evolve
  • Support virtualized technologies
  • Improve service quality and end user experience
  • Quickly reallocate resource
  • Bring services closer to the user
  • Realize more use cases, from edge to 5G and ultrabroadband

Software-enabled broadband access solutions

Odine enables you to build a highly complementary and unified SEBA environment. From edge to the core network and beyond, we can implement and accelerate your network adaptation.

Partnering with…

Single point of contact

We make things easy by managing and synchronizing all stakeholders for you.

Planning & design

We work with you to build your best-of-breed infrastructure and a strategic deployment roadmap.


Leveraging white-box functions, we support you to converge and host all functions together for simplicity and efficiency.

Management & maintenance

We manage all deployments and ongoing network maintenance.


SEBA is ever evolving. That’s why we support you to continually adapt the ONT and OLT for new and niche network services.

“SEBA will be the epitome of a singular, integrated approach for telecoms moving forwards”

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Software-Defined Network Solutions

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Bring unity to your networks with SEBA

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