Bring diverse use cases
to your end users

From enterprise applications to smart cities to industrial automation, private networks hold untapped potential for deploying 5G low-latency connectivity. Leveraging your own 5G private network will allow you to gain greater control over your value proposition and increase your agility to scale.

  • Reduce OPEX
  • Minimize costs and maintenance
  • Increase room for growth
  • Secure your data
  • Monetize 5G technologies
  • Develop new applications
  • Connect your environments

Private network solutions

Odine orchestrates your own private or hybrid network architecture and onboard all of the best-of-breed technologies you need. Most importantly, we ensure every component part is considered to create the most viable network possible.

Partnering with…

Take a hybrid approach

With a hybrid approach, we’ll deliver all the benefits of cloud with the agility for growth.

Host core functions

Odine ensures you can host your own core functions and protect your value.

Unify 5G and edge

We’ll bring together all component parts and seamlessly integrate next-gen technologies.


Odine follows a lifecycle of testing, development and continuous updating to your architecture.

Improved security model

Gain greater control over your data and costs, while we manage all your network needs.

Let’s design your private network environment

Get in touch to discuss our private network solutions and services, and where Odine can add value to your network transformation.