Deploy different network
services with agility

Network virtualization and software-defined networking implementations depend on functional and trustworthy management, NFV orchestration and performance monitoring solutions. For this system to be operational, providing the end user with the expected performance, everything must be monitored and alarmed in a seamless way, making it possible to detect pitfalls before they happen.

  • Seamless NFVO, VNFM and VIM stack
  • Deploy network services faster
  • One common NFV infrastructure
  • End-to-end VNF orchestration
  • Reach the potential of your technology
  • Scale and simplify operations
  • Keep costs low
  • Synergy with open source
  • Unify SDN implementations

Odine’s MANO Approach

Nowadays, telco providers are starting to turn to MANO solutions for their NFV deployments. We can provide several open-source proposals and other custom solutions, designed for specific product development stages. Whether your priority is speed of service and automation, or to align with evolving standards, we can help you design the open-source approach that works for you.

Project analysis

First, we analyze the network services and network functions you want to deploy in NFV.

Multi-vendor approach

We assess which open-source projects on the market are the most interoperable, most open and least bound by a vendor full stack.

Compatibility and interoperability

Odine considers which solution is compatible with different VIMS, has easy integration of VNFMs developed by competitors, amongst other factors.

Multi-layer infrastructure

Once the deployment is live, we continue to manage and optimize the NFV/SDN inherent multi-layer infrastructure.

Evolved monitoring approach

Our monitoring approach is based on multi-layer, multi-vendor, real-time analytics and E2E active service monitoring.


We can develop your NFV orchestration framework based on industry standards and validation, as well as the approach that is optimal for your project objectives.

Increase and automate your network functions

Get in touch to discuss our NFV orchestration solutions and services, and where Odine can add value to your network transformation.