Unleash your network and innovation potential

Adapt to a cloud-based world and transform your service model with SD-WAN. Simplify traditionally complex management and overcome unpredictable and unreliable application performance.

SD-WAN streamlines your operations and unifies visibility, for more secure and scalable network potential.

  • Reduce your costs
  • Improve application agility and performance
  • Optimize efficiency and data speeds
  • Improve the end user experience
  • Aggregate connections and security
  • Automate and simplify operations
  • Leverage cloud-based management

SD-WAN approach

Odine helps you orchestrate, automate and integrate SD-WAN with intelligence. From traffic management to secure connections, we’ll build a software-defined infrastructure-as-a-service that supports and manages your cloud-hosted systems.

Partnering with…

Bandwidth efficiency

Benefit from increased bandwidth efficiency and agile traffic management.

Digital transformation

Our team designs an end-to-end digital transformation initiative from testing to roll-out.

Continued development

We continuously manage updates and other new development opportunities.

Secure connectivity

Overcome traditional security risks with more secure traffic management.

Network simplicity

Benefit from a single, unified and orchestrated management approach with greater visibility and lower costs.


We’ll integrate SD-WAN with existing systems and technologies, such as MPLS networks.

“SD-WAN is not only a major step forward in our digitalization journey but more importantly it helps customers lower their costs and simplify their operations through central management while enabling real-time application visibility capabilities”

– Gediz Sezgin, CTO at Turkcell


Turkcell picks Odine Solutions to deliver Versa SD-WAN services to corporate customers. Deployment represents Turkey’s first commercial Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution for a Tier-1 operator.

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  • SD-WAN for Tier 1 and corporate users
  • Internet, VPN and Security services on a single Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
  • Multiple connection types like ADSL, fiber, MPLS and cellular can be used simultaneously
  • Diverse security services


Software-Defined Network Solutions

Software-Defined Networks

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