Odine has the vision to be one of the most productive and efficient providers in the software and telecommunications engineering industry.

In order to realize this vision, it adopts the following principles with the awareness that Quality, Information Security, Business Continuity, Environment and Information Technologies Service Management play an important role.

  • To fulfill the requirements of Management Systems and increasing efficiency by providing continuous improvement,
  • To support the development of its employees with continuous training,
  • To act in compliance with the requirements arising from all laws and regulations and all other compliance obligations within the scope of Management Systems,
  • To guarantee the security requirements of mutual information exchange with the partner companies,
  • To prepare business continuity plans and to carry out regular tests in order to prevent business interruptions in critical business processes,
  • To consider human life and health as the first priority in business continuity,
  • To develop the integrated management system awareness and competencies of employees and contractors,
  • To offer products and services according to determined quality standards in order to meet the expectations of customers continuously,
  • To be prepared for emergencies,
  • To reduce the impact on the environment and to support the protection of the environment and the reduction of pollution.