Accelerate your capabilities with containerization

For any organization with the goal of virtualization or adopting software-defined networks, containerization will support a scalable and agile environment. Conducive to lightweight and automated functions, these will be fundamental for implementing next-generation technologies and efficient applications.

  • Less CPU
  • Scale easier
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Increase efficiency
  • Next-gen technologies
  • Agile business model
  • Support 5G and edge

Containerization Services

Odine prioritizes efficient, secure, and streamlined software deployment in the cloud throughout your network transformation.

Partnering with…

Supporting virtualization

Odine uses container techniques to support and accelerate holistic virtualization and SDN strategies.

Excellent communication

Our integrated approach ensures containers are deployed with well-defined and communicative mechanisms.


Define more targeted and niche services with our support in design, deployment and management.


Odine will automate and orchestrate your containers to facilitate the lifecycle of containers and microservice management.

Designed for cloud

Odine has the expertise to design all your functions and containerized applications specifically for the cloud.

“For operators, edge, containerization and orchestration will open up the door to innovative technologies, such as AI-powered operations and automation.”


Turkcell, Turkey’s first digital operator takes a step forward and continues its digital transformation by deploying commercial Cloud Native Infrastructure clusters with Odine utilizing Red Hat OpenShift.

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  • Unified cloud-native infrastructure
  • Onboarding containerized network functions
  • Automation, orchestration and management of services

Secure this critical piece of future telecoms architecture

Get in touch to discuss our Containerization solutions and services, and where Odine can add value to your network transformation.