Virtualization through service transformation

Telecoms is experiencing a business model evolution, with leading organizations favoring lighter, more agile, and more efficient approaches. The next stage of voice infrastructure management requires organizations to cut out inefficiencies, from vendor count to operational automation, maximize savings and resources, and leverage the resulting agility in their architectures to invest in creating new value.

Financial sustainability

Maximize ROI of voice solutions and leverage low-cost technologies

Infrastructure sustainability

Remove legacy to streamline, simplify and integrate infrastructure

Environmental sustainability

Reduce physical resource and global footprint

  • Odine Orion™

    Maximize your voice offerings with global real-time business visibility and performance.

  • Odine Nebula™ & Nebula+™

    Integrate and optimize how you manage voice solutions.

    Nebula™ & Nebula+™
  • Odine Gatekeeper™

    Deliver trusted and protected data with voice fraud management.

  • Odine Pathfinder™

    Advance voice management with a centralized routing server.


Disrupt the old management approach

Cut costs and resources. Consolidate and reduce complexity. Embrace agile management models. Odine transforms your approach to voice management with a suite of advanced applications and innovative management. Our fully managed voice business offerings will virtualize your global networks, empowering a more agile, data-driven and future-proofed business.

  • Comprehensive Service Management

    • Manage market needs
    • Get intelligence to your inbox
    • Leverage advanced tools
  • Automation & Real-time Intelligence

    • Gain real-time visibility
    • Maximize service value and save resource
    • Proactively predict and forecast trends
  • Converged Reporting & Invoicing

    • Report on multiple services together
    • Swap deals intelligently
    • Get a global view of service management
  • Streamline Vendor Management

    • Integrate operations and simplify
    • Reduce costs, time, and resource
    • Harness new growth opportunities
  • Global Service Consolidation

    • Leverage edge virtualization
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Use public & private cloud models
  • Network Modernization

    • Build future-proofed environments
    • Scale services flexibly
    • Enhance user experience quality

Empowering Sustainable Telecoms for a better future.

Explore Odine’s Sustainable Transformation approach for unparalleled growth.

Our Approach

Revitalize the value in voice management

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