Xicomm signed on to the Odine Cloud Nebula Solution to drive voice services and sustainability.

Global systems integrator and sustainable telecoms transformation partner Odine are pleased to announce that Xicomm will migrate and evolve their international voice services growth plan on Odine Nebula, their cloud-based international voice management solution.

Odine Nebula, the end-to-end voice management solution for international operators, will empower Xicomm to virtualize their services and reduce their global footprint and make significant cost savings and keep the competitive agile nature of voice at the forefront of their business. The Nebula architecture in the cloud empowers the highest levels of automation, business visibility, and service control, which will enhance the business processes of Xicomm. Advanced controls for OBR Rating and Routing and surcharging is at the core of today’s leading international wholesale voice carriers and the Nebula solution delivers this to Xicomm, along with a comprehensive solution set anytime, anywhere on demand.

“The Xicomm and Odine relationship dates back 15 years! With our transition from a telecoms company to a technology one, we could not think of anyone else to better assist in serving the growth requirements of our network! Moving to the Nebula cloud service allows us to rapidly respond to the ever-changing requirements of our partners, supporting them with the tech on-demand required to be competitive in their respective industries. Our mission is to provide one-stop solutions that are fast in deployment, and innovative whilst meeting our sustainability goals.”
stated Reza Kamrava, CEO, Xicomm.

“Extending and evolving our partnership with Xicomm shows that Odine are driving sustainable change for operators. We are confident that the migration to the Nebula cloud service will drive efficiencies, automation and enable Xicomm to further grow and enhance their business globally. Odine continue to strengthen growing global customer list and provide continual value and development to our partners.”said Nick Cowley, Global Sales Director at Odine.

About Odine
Odine is a leading global systems integrator, building resilient solutions that enable global telecoms companies to evolve with a sustainable approach. Providing a software-defined platform, market-leading technology, and expert partnership, the company enables global telecoms providers to seize untapped growth and respond to rapidly changing environments with a holistic approach to transformation.   With regional offices in Istanbul, London, Prague, Dubai and Lahore, our geographical presence, experience, and cultural fluency bridges Americas, Europe, and Asia, while uniquely serving emerging markets across Africa.

Together, we will make your vision a reality and build the networks of the future.

About Xicomm

XICOMM is a leading technology company headquartered in San Francisco, USA. For many years our cutting-edge wholesale voice services have provided connectivity to over 100+ countries with high quality and unrivalled pricing. Our dynamic footprint provides voice termination and SMS messaging via most of the major PTT’S, MNO’s and MVNOs worldwide, bridging the gap between brands and customers.

Today, our solutions power the innovation for the future, allowing enterprises the ability to work across platforms and communities wherever they are. Our enterprise customers can be more engaging and roll out commerce solutions to efficiently conduct their business with mobile-based customers. We are putting power in the hands of everyone and paving the way for your digital transformation. Our mission is to provide one-stop solutions that allow you to forge ahead with confidence knowing that your technologies are backed by our innovative team and dynamic footprint.