The voice industry is more competitive than ever, with new players demonstrating greater efficiency and agility. Now is the time for operators to react and level up their own agility, efficiencies, and network services. They must review all aspects of their networks, in order to drive change with a holistic view of what is needed, and leverage the support of a partner who is equipped to take them on the journey.

New challengers can rapidly launch services through virtualized technology. In contrast, operators are being slowed down by traditional networks and legacy solutions. The nature of this infrastructure, including physical POPs, manual processes, and poor integration, restricts telcos from growing or changing with ease.

How operators can adapt

Operators must think about how they can compete, in today’s evolving markets, and then react quickly and with agility as market and consumer service needs change.

If they wish to transform their business models to become more flexible, they must optimize their resource utilization and costs, and initiate new ventures quickly. Network modernization will achieve this and empower operators with; scalability, transparency, and service for growth.

Scalability: Organizations must build models that provide the flexibility to scale their services and invest into innovation when needed. This will future-proof their success.

Transparency: This will be essential to support telcos in scaling the right way. From user behavior to billing to revenue predictions, having holistic visibility over all activity – whether it’s through converged reporting or proactive analytics – will fuel strategic decision making.

Service: Although this has always been important, the expectations for user experience have risen to new heights. Legacy infrastructure simply doesn’t have the capacity or flexibility to achieve the new standards for operational efficiency, service responsiveness, or intuitive digital tools that today’s consumers are demanding.

Making network transformation a reality

In summary, international operators cannot delay their network transformations or they will inevitably be overtaken by both the hyperscalers and the newer entrants in the market. Most importantly, they should look for the right partner to help them successfully complete their transformation journeys.

Odine is empowering organizations to build the software-defined networks of the future, seize untapped growth, maximize their ROI, and respond to rapidly changing environments with agility.

This is our first piece in a series discussing the key priorities every operator should have on their journey towards transformation.