The international telecoms market has swiftly been redefined by changing business and consumer demands, moving faster than providers can manage.

Communications use cases are growing more sophisticated as users expect more capability, spanning cloud migration, ever higher bandwidth and faster speeds for at-home gaming and video conferencing, private networks, multi-access edge computing, IoT, sustainable operations and more.

People are tired of slow, monolithic business models with poor responsiveness and customer service. Instead, they want to build their own bundles, they want personalization and smart network insights, they need more proactive intervention and seamless digitalization. They want best in class.

Not only is this putting pressure on telcos to pivot their business models, but the expanding options for high-quality communications services, alongside disruption from hyperscalers, is breeding an increasingly competitive marketplace for large global telecoms.

In fact, while the innovative leaders in the market soar, many traditional telecoms services are on the brink of, or are experiencing, significant decline. Whether it’s fragmentation, a lack of value-add and awareness, maturing products, or limited outlooks and an aversion to change, the story is the same – outdated strategies are the downfall of telecoms providers as we know them.

Evolution or obsoletion?

Telcos find themselves at a crossroads: they can either tinker around the edges to achieve incremental gains or make a bold choice to reinvent their proposition and firmly commit to that choice, seizing the opportunity to create a permanent new role for themselves in a world reshaped by a pandemic that put them at the center.

In our opinion? It’s time to evolve and consolidate. The inescapable reality is that telecoms providers need to take a leap before it’s too late and they need to do so with agility, resilience and ambition. Most importantly, transformation must be a constant rather than a one-off mindset. Telcos should use this opportunity to reposition themselves, ensuring they are always ready to rapidly respond to changing environments and leverage growth.

Our vision is to make this future-focused approach a reality. We want to shake up how the telecoms market works – driving unparalleled, accelerated growth in a market that is traditionally seen as slow. Combining revolutionary technology solutions with a holistic approach to transformation, we are reinventing how global telecoms providers achieve digital transformation.

Leading the telecoms digital transformation

We are empowering network transformation for global telecoms providers and building networks of the future.

Working with leading telecoms companies, we are achieving this with cloud-first and software defined systems integration solutions.

Digital transformation is a common ambition for many organizations, but ‘walking the walk’ is a separate issue. For many organizations this feels out of reach. Our comprehensive solution set can finally enable organizations to achieve it.

Resilient consolidation

Odine is an end-to-end partner. We do it all – systems integration, technology and infrastructure, software development, and innovation – empowering you to build a holistic and consolidated picture of your service.

For example, the trend today is to deliver hundreds of microservices in modules. For this to work effectively in practice, they must be properly connected with a holistic strategy, like cogs in a machine working seamlessly together. Without the right architecture behind them, services will remain fragmented, and many telecoms operators don’t have the skills or know-how to create this integrated ecosystem.

Odine can step in to orchestrate the entire architecture and onboard all of these technologies, so they work in harmony. Integration in this sense is our area of expertise. By ensuring each component part of the communications infrastructure is integrated, connected and elevated, telcos can confidently transform across their networks.

Future-proofed virtualization

The battle against hyperscalers also can’t be ignored. The only way for large telcos to compete with their agility is to embrace the cloud, or at least take steps towards it.

Our software defined network allows telecoms providers to reduce costs, accelerate their service responsiveness, and be more flexible with their deployments. Empowered with the ability to offload network components into our own private cloud, organizations can dramatically expand their capacity in an instant. They can hold onto their talent and leverage more advanced, innovative technologies that enhance their services and enable them to fight back against the “faster-moving” competition.

Partnering for world class delivery and accelerated success

What makes Odine different is we work as partners, not providers.

We are the embodiment of your organization’s systems integration arm – fully dedicated to your success and strengthening your proposition. Our resources are there for organizations to tap into whenever they need it. We transform networks and equip you with the power to evolve your business models, build new propositions, differentiate yourselves, and accelerate into new territories.

The Odine team have sector-leading expertise and our experience delivering end-to-end strategy and technical services is unmatched. We have worked with many large telcos, including Turkcell, Telin, TNZI (now Symbio) and Reliance Communications, to innovatively transform their networks on a global scale.

Whether it’s unifying wholesale voice or unifying your entire network architecture – our partnership makes you limitless. With Odine, there is no boundary to what can now be achieved for your network and your business. Together, we will make your vision a reality and build the networks of the future.