Due to a history of growth through mergers and acquisitions, many CSPs are operating on multiple legacy platforms. Not only is this costly to maintain, but it acts as a blocker to innovation which, as shown by leading players, is fundamental to success and growth.

Operators can better monetize their technological investments and services if they opt for a consolidated service model:


With connectivity and access now at their highest levels, plus the addition of cloud services, operators can harness the ability to deploy virtually, anywhere, anytime.

Virtualizing most, if not all, of their offerings will allow organizations to streamline and optimize core network performance.

Utilizing software to power their back-end services allows telcos to meet immense resource, processing, and data demands. At a minimum, telcos can reduce their operational costs, support the rise in data volumes, and slim down their physical resources. Optimally, they can completely remove now redundant data centers and the associated costs.


Taking this a step further, migrating services to a public, private or hybrid cloud can provide many of the same benefits to telcos while also maintaining, and even expanding, their global market footprint. Having this dynamic resource on hand gives organizations greater opportunities for automation, flexible deployment, and easy access to new markets.

It opens the door to launch new products, fuel innovation, and scale services with agility. Plus, the cost, time, and resource savings can be re–allocated to developing and launching innovative products and services.

Global service consolidation

Whether you go down the traditional, NFV, SDN virtualization or combined route to adopt cloud-based networks, the core benefits remain the same – network service consolidation on a global scale. Telcos can balance the use of hardware, software, and the cloud to connect their infrastructure in a much more scalable, and therefore future-proofed, manner.

Equally, this supports the evolution of how services are being packaged.

The market is moving towards consolidated models where all services are distilled into one digital platform. Organizations are transitioning towards virtualization and cloud-based infrastructures to support this change. This way, fewer resources are needed to manage operations, and customers receive a more integrated and efficient service.

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This is our third piece in a series discussing the key priorities every operator should have on their journey towards transformation.