Odine, a global telecom partner specializing in sustainable network transformation, is pleased to announce that their collaboration with Turkcell has been shortlisted for the Best Cloud Solution category at the GLOMO Awards 2024. This nomination recognizes the exceptional achievements and innovative contributions in cloud services and solutions, highlighting the impactful results of our partnership in the telecommunications sector.

The project, featuring a unified Cloud Native infrastructure, has garnered attention for its efficient management, optimized resource allocation, accelerated deployment processes, and enhanced agility in adapting to market changes. This advanced infrastructure positions Turkcell as a leader in navigating the dynamic telecommunications landscape.

Alper Tunga Burak, CEO, Odine, emphasized their commitment to providing virtualization services to operators globally, aiming to eliminate physical server dependencies and enhance operational efficiency. He stated,

“As the telecommunications sector increasingly transitions from legacy to cloud-based systems due to significant cost advantages, we have successfully implemented Türkiye’s first commercial Cloud Native Infrastructure solution for one of Türkiye’s largest telecom operators’ Core Network utilizing Red Hat OpenStack & OpenShift, leveraging our expertise in private or hybrid cloud telecommunications network infrastructure services. Our established telecommunications cloud infrastructure stands as a pioneer in terms of size and data processing capacity globally, reflecting Odine’s engineering skills, know-how, and extensive experience in the field.  We take pride in being named finalists in the ‘Best Cloud Solution’ category at the GSMA GLOMO Awards. I believe that our success in such renowned forums underscores our steadfast commitment and global achievements.”

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