Right now, many service providers have very expensive network infrastructures and resource-heavy business processes eating into their profitability.

Automation is the key to reducing both costs and resources. While this streamlines operations, leveraging the full potential of data intelligence will maximize the value derived from operations.

With bigger teams, manual processes have been accepted as the norm, but smaller, leaner teams are starting to leverage these innovative capabilities to gain advantages.

International voice is ready for automation

International voice is a mature market, therefore, the tools and solutions needed to enable almost complete automation already exist in the marketplace. Operators need only embrace them.

This will reduce costs, inefficiencies, and resource waste, allowing valuable human resources to be re-deployed into other demanding (or ideally innovative) areas across the organization. This is the aim of the game in a market where cost-efficiency and maximizing margins are priorities for remaining competitive.

Intelligence provides proven benefits

Real-time intelligence adds visibility to consumer, business, and network operations that allows telcos to maximize profitability through targeted decision-making. IBM shows how real-time intelligence can provide visibility over user behavior, drive predictable outcomes, improve speed to value, boost productivity, and lead to overall cost reductions in several business areas.

Predictive capabilities additionally allow telcos to be more agile and reactive. The ability to predict trends, like volumes and margins or even network errors, allows telcos to identify and mitigate potential issues. It also enables them to proactively respond to new revenue opportunities.

Enhancing the value of telcos

Together, automation and intelligence improve the value of the customer lifecycle. These capabilities help to reduce human error, improve responsiveness for the end user, and improve network service performance. These outcomes all serve to enhance customer retention.

In summary, introducing automation and intelligence into telecoms processes can greatly increase the monetary (and performance) value of service, output, and the overall success of business models – better positioning telcos for whatever future directions the market takes.

Odine can support you to leverage these advanced capabilities, integrating them seamlessly into your technology architecture. Our solutions are resilient and future-focused, designed to support your changing needs long-term and enable you to grow with insight.

This is our fifth piece in a series discussing the key priorities every operator should have on their journey towards transformation.