Turkcell has trusted Odine Solutions expanding their software deployment.

Odine Solutions, Telco-Cloud Systems Integrator and OSS/BSS Software Provider, today announced that Turkcell is deploying Odine’s End-to-End Wholesale Voice Management Platform developed by Odine’s local engineers to drive business automation and routing intelligence for their Wholesale Voice Interconnect Network.

Odine’s Wholesale Voice Management solution will be empowering Turkcell to take full advantage of the intelligent automation and real-time control; optimizing all Swap and Bilateral wholesale voice deals, giving deeper levels of visibility and control. The solution will bring high-performance, real-time dynamic routing policy & optimization, and comprehensive monitoring & alerting for all of Turkcell’s Fixed Voice National and International Interconnects.

Odine has been supporting Turkcell’s wholesale voice infrastructure with a suite of analytics and reporting applications over the years, and Turkcell has once again trusted Odine; expanding the software deployment to a full-suite roll out with routing, billing, and business process automation functions.

Gediz Sezgin, Turkcell CTO stated

“The intelligent and agile architecture of the new solution from Odine will give us the ability to increase our wholesale voice business unit’s profitability while boosting edge network performance with OPEX savings.”

“We are proud to be the selected supplier for our region’s largest Tier-1 Operator, solidifying our market position as the leading Telco Cloud & OSS/BSS Software Provider” said Alper Tunga Burak, CEO of Odine Solutions.

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